Robert Tercek, tech conference speaker chats to @muthur9000 Clara Fei-Fei about Hybrid World Adelaide an exciting world conference on Technology and the Future of AI.

Mr Robert Tercek is a digital pioneer and one of the world’s most prolific creators of interactive content. He has created breakthrough entertainment experiences on every digital platform, including television, game consoles, broadband Internet, interactive television and mobile networks. His expertise spans media, telecommunications and software. The author of Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World, Robert is a sought after creative strategist, speaker and innovation expert. Digital Media Wire named him one of ‘25 Executives to Watch’ in 2009, and Variety dubbed him one of the ‘Digital Dozen’ most influential players in new media. - Meet the Mentors, HWA

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Source: https://yutani.blog/2018/06/21/news-disney-fox-acquisition-episode-12-yutani-podcast/

Today there has been quite a lot of news at once, Disney has finally stepped up their big for Fox assets, design great Richard Greenberg has passed away and fake news of an Alien film rumoured to be in production has the fandom filled with false hope.

Mr.H will be joining me tonight to cover some of this news which we have all been affected by.


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It is recommended you view the footnotes from this podcast for more information.


JM and @muthur9000 have joined forces to interview ODD STUDIO founders Adam Johansen and Damian Martin about their work and their involvement with Alien: Covenant to give us a behind the scenes glimpse of what it is like during preproduction and the process of creating practical effects. 

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For more footnotes and images go to https://yutani.blog/2018/06/12/yutani-perfect-organism-podcast-interview-adam-johansen-and-damian-martin-odd-studio/


This week, @muthur9000 and @traviandesigns start our podcast mini-series with a general discussion about W/estworld and why we find it so fascinating.

Covering such topics as human and artificial consciousness, eternal recurrence, and the shadow self. What terminology we will be using and also what things about the characters journeys that interest us specifically.

More info & footnotes at ... https://yutani.blog/2018/05/22/westworld-primer-episode-11-yutani-podcast/


In this podcast, I talk to the author of Alien: The Cold ForgeAlex White. I have previously interviewed him for our Creatives series, and today we cover his inspiration for his character Blue Marsalis, and the Double Robotics presentation which sparked his idea.

With mentions of Avatar, Macross, and the new Taxonomy of the ‘Snatcher’ and ‘Plagiarus Praepotens,’ This podcast is spoiler-filled, do not listen to it unless you have read the book.

If you want the ‘xenomorph’ to remain a mystery please turn back now. More information in the blog post on yutani.blog

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AVP Galaxy & Yutani Alien Day Podcast We have just uploaded the 64th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! Our latest episode features an interview with the Ben Rigby (who plays Ledward), the actor front and center in Alien: Covenant’s most memorable scene – the backburster! This latest episode …

Continue reading Creatives: Ben Rigby


Welcome to our Alien Day Creatives series special!

We have a jam-packed 2.25-hour podcast filled with special greetings from many in the Alien Universe.


We would also like to announce that Dane and Matt are releasing a special David 8 Visual Art Diary, due to be released at SDCC.

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As discussed with Matt Hatton on this podcast, here is an analysis of the Shakespeare Flute/recorder scene Hamlet & the Flute Scene.



My written interview with Dominic Hailstone can be found here.

I finally got to interview Dominic for my Yutani Podcast, he has been very busy lately so it has been difficult to find a time to chat. Thank you so much, Dominic, for granting me the time and effort. I feel we could talk all day about movies and about Alien.

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Here’s just some of his work in 3D as discussed in this podcast

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Concept art by Khang Le, read more here Khang Le’s Concept Art for Prometheus 2

Clara @muthur9000 and Mike @officerjoek9 share their thoughts on the Paradise Lost script shared by AVP Galaxy recently and how it differs from the novelization and the movie.

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Notes by page:

  1. The script starts with the birth of a new star, in biblical parallels the birth of a new star was a few weeks before Christmas. This star leads the 3 Kings to the place of baby Jesus’s birth. You can read more about this here. There’s mention of snow filling the cryodeck, I speculate it may have something to do with the parallels in relation to The Thing movie as it was originally the first homage to Alien.
  2. The colonists are 3600, instead of mother sounding out the time and saying all is well we have the number of colonists instead. There’s also a mention that the crew’s sleep bay is like that of Noah’s Ark with cryo-pods paired two by two.
  3. There is a similarity to the deleted scene Walter in the Garden which takes place in the hydroponics section, there’s more dialogue between Walter and Mother. It seems like they are in more formal roles as Mother is considered to be a nag and know best. Mother says she likes efficiency.
  4. I appreciate there’s more dialogue between Walter and mother but it seems heavy handed with the message it is sending, that Walter is in a similar position as David was on the Covenant and that he, Walter is a slave. There’s a nod to Alien where Walter remarks to Mother that she is a bitch. I am glad they relegated that to the Phobos short. But even then it felt quite heavy handed. The Covenant is described as a galleon with its sails. In early concept art, the solar sails already gave the impression of its inspiration. Covenant is also the pact made by the colonists that headed for the New World.Additional notes added by Mike @officerjoek9
  5. The decision to rename the character Griffin to Daniels warrants a discussion of the meaning behind both names:
    Daniels – Son of Daniel. Whom, in the Bible, was taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar of the Babylonian Empire. He served his master faithfully while still retaining his belief in God. He was freed by Cyrus of the rising Persian Empire, a political entity known for its tolerance of other beliefs and cultures.Griffin – Most famously the half lion, half eagle creature depicted in many cultures throughout the world, including the Scythians and the Sumerians. Courage and boldness are both attributed to it, and the Greeks in their mythology depicted Griffins as smart and dangerous guardians of treasure. Apollo’s chariot carrying the sun was pulled by gryphons.
  6. Captain Oram is far more arrogant, curt, and proud than he ever is in the final film. Billy Crudup had stated in an interview that he felt his character was too much of a villain and decided to change how he was to make him more sympathetic. It seems that this script is the one he was referring to when making those statements.
  7. Shaw’s distress signal originating from Planet 4 contains dialogue rather than a rendition of Country Roads. While more revealing, the dialogue written for her is very heavy-handed in its Paradise Lost connections, having Shaw calling the planet a potential Paradise Lost and heaven.
  8. A highlight from the trailer for Covenant featured Daniels’ dialogue about there being no animals or sounds emanating from the planet. In this script, Hallett is startled by an emerging salamander running across his feet. Life is present when the crew arrives and explores, including insects all around the explored area. However, these insects turn out to relate to the Neomorph spores and closely resemble the scarab concept for the black goo featured in early drafts of Prometheus.
  9. The Derelict that the crew finds features not only eggs among the ship, but scattered mould appearing on smashed vessels of the pathogen. This mould is what infects Hallett. Scattered dead Engineer bodies, still in their pressure suits, lie outside the crashed Derelict. Perhaps this was a ship run by Engineers that attempted to stop David but was somehow knocked out of commission.
  10. A particular plot point that threads through a large portion of the movie is the presence of a force field shielding the whole planet. In the film, David remarks that the storms shield the planet, but it never goes beyond that. In the script, Tennessee, Ricks, and Upworth have to figure out a way to get past the force field to save the rest of the crew. It is implied that the Engineers activated it to stop the pathogen – or David – from escaping.
  11. Walter’s interaction with David upon first meeting him has a different tone. Walter seems to admire David as “the first one” and looks up to him for a time. He is given a flute by David (which he can be seen holding in the Covenant film after returning to Daniels and the crew), and also creates his own piece of music after discussing it with Daniels. These parts were also present in the novelization of the film.
  12. The Engineer city is much more Giger-esque than in the final film. We get a ton of street views, and visit a coliseum or Odeon of sorts where some of the final fights on the planet take place. This is something we wish was implemented and bears resemblance to the early concept art by Khang Lee in 2014.
  13. The scene in the garden on top of the Engineer temple bears a heavy resemblance to Satan (David) tempting an innocent (Walter), remarking how nice it must be to taste fresh fruit, and declaring his superiority over humans and how sad it must be to serve them by force.
  14. This script included the Engineer developed face-hugger that was in the novelization. It seems that this may be the script, or very near to the one, that was used by Alan Dean Foster to write the book.
  15. David tells Walter of his ambitions with the Xenomorph – an army needs a general. His empire building seems to have been removed and hinted at in Advent of the final product. I like this as it makes his motivations vaguer than simply coming out and describing what David is planning. Even Advent doesn’t spell out his ambitions too clearly.
  16. If one thing could have been taken from this script and placed into the final product, it would be (for me) Lopes comments on the face-hugger he had attached to him. He comments to the crew that it had something in his throat, but he wasn’t sure what it was doing. I think this simple acknowledgement would have gone a long way into stifling criticism for that entire situation, though it would not satisfy those who became upset over the raid gestation/egg laying time exhibited by the Planet 4 face-hugger.
  17. David says to Daniels “The future isn’t biological, it isn’t synthetic. It’s biomechanical”. Man, what a line.

Mike @officerjoek9 – Overall, I think my final thoughts revolve around wishing that a mix between this script, the novelization, and the final product was what we ended up with. I think some of the heavy-handed motifs were out of place and certain characters were not written as well as they were acted, but there’s some genuinely great Alien stuff mixed with Prometheus stuff, not to mention character motivation that should never have been considered to be cut out. A lovely read for any fan of Covenant and a great insight into the editing process and story development.

Clara @muthur9000 – I like some parts of this script. It definitely shows us what could have been in the movie, but overall I feel like what we got was much more interesting. I feel like some aspects helped give characters more background and more to do. But as @gothic-fiction-in-space has said. There seems to be a severe of development around David’s character and a noticeable absence of Shaw, by making David’s malfunctioning around her character we are given so much more to contemplate and think about. The drawings, his bond with the Aliens. There’s more purpose to David than a regular villain, which is mainly what I find appealing about the movie itself. A definite must-read for any Covenant fan and maybe even fans who didn’t like where Covenant went, I know I still want to find the script if there is one about Shaw and David’s journey where Shaw is still alive and still searching.


Here’s another instalment of the Fan Creatives series where Alien Theory, also known as Derek answers a few questions about his contribution to the Alien fandom and what he likes about the films. He’s opted to do both Podcast and written interview.



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Clara Fei-Fei: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions, I really like your videos. They are so informative and fun to watch. Could you tell me what drove you to create your youtube channel?

Alien Theory/Derek: There was a period where I became obsessed with theory and explanation videos about Star Wars. There are so many talented YouTubers out there that cover the Star Wars universe and I’ve enjoyed their content immensely, though I started to wish I could see those types of videos, but covering the Alien universe. When I couldn’t find any, I decided to make a channel devoted to Alien myself. I wanted to explore certain things I’ve always debated about the films and I wanted to cover as much of the extended universe from the comics and novels as I could.

CF: How much work goes into making a video? How do you choose topics to report on?

AT: A lot of work goes into the videos from all different stages. I don’t know exactly why and when I’ll choose a certain topic but once I get excited about something I’ll begin plans for it, and I try my best to make sure there is a certain context already established within the videos on the channel. I keep a list of topics that I add to regularly but will only start writing a video once I figure out the best way to do it. I like including visuals that look like computerized security footage – or something like that – and those take a while to edit. Including stuff like that is important to me because it gives the videos a cool, Nostromo-esque feel. I trip on my words and mess up on recording the audio a lot so usually, I have to chip away at a 40-minute audio file removing botched sentences and frustrated expletives for a video that may end up being 8 minutes long. Each video can be very time-consuming to create but usually, I’m really happy with what comes out of it all.

CF: What do you like about the fandom? What do you dislike and wish would change?

AT: The Alien fandom is the most diverse of any fan-base of any franchise. Certain fans will feel very passionately one way or another regarding specific films in the series. That’s something I really love because it’s a reflection of the series itself: each film has a different genre and mood and resonates differently with fans. This leads to different ideas of what a proper Alien film should be and leads to very strong stances on the entries that don’t meet a fan’s expectations. People have had strong stances on the quality of Alien Covenant, and that is ultimately a good thing and can help shape the franchise to something everyone will enjoy, but I dislike the pure negativity that comes out of it. And I mean the really, really hateful stuff. It’s been a strange experience to me because on videos I’ve made about Covenant, I’ll receive some very nasty comments, and while they’re not directed at me personally, it’s very disheartening to be the middle-man between a fan’s hatred of a movie and the movie itself.

CF: Which of the movies or comics are your favourite?

AT: It is too hard for me to choose between Alien and Aliens as my favourites from the movies. Both are excellent in their own ways and they are landmark cinematic achievements. Don’t make me choose! Of the comics, I would have to choose Aliens: Labyrinth as my favourite. I have always been curious as to what would happen if scientists had the opportunity to study Xenomorph specimens, and the story of Labyrinth delivered on that prospect beyond all expectations.

CF: Which variation of the xenomorph is your fave?

AT: The “runner” alien from Alien 3 has always been a favourite. There’s something about seeing a xenomorph crawling on all fours like a dog (or ox) that makes it look even creepier.

CF: Which character is your fave?

AT: Ripley, without a doubt. A strong-willed, sensible, determined, and very human – very vulnerable – character. The weight of the entire universe is on her shoulders throughout the original four Alien films and she is fated to fall into these circumstances where she’s responsible for saving the world. She doesn’t march into it without hesitation, but she doesn’t cower from it either. She does what she does in each case because it’s the right thing to do. Ripley has a strong moral fibre and I think that’s very endearing.

CF: Which has been your favourite Alien Theory video to make/work on?

AT: Every time I upload a video on Youtube, it never fails that someone, somewhere, will write “first” in the comments within 30 seconds of it being posted. Obviously, this isn’t something unique to my channel and right at this very moment, there are an untold amount of people writing “first” in the comments of videos being freshly uploaded all over the world. I can’t explain such a phenomenon. But a few months back I did a video on the Weyland-Yutani corporate timeline, and the second I uploaded it, I jumped to the comments section of the video and typed “first.” I have never done that before or since, so I guess I was proud enough of the video to do that.


CF: Which is the most popular?

AT: The most popular video I’ve done is a video called “Alien Vs Predator: A Brief History of the Species’ Conflict,” which was one of the more context-setting videos that I aimed to do. It covered the original AVP comics as well the 2004 film. It’s gotten over a million views so I guess there are many out there who are curious as to why these two creatures fight. I never in my wildest dreams expected any of my videos to get that many views so I’m still in disbelief about that.

CF: What sort of things do you want to work on in future?

AT: I want to keep making videos for the Alien Theory Youtube channel as much as possible but I think other projects would be fun. I have a lot of ideas that I’ve been kicking around that I think could be fun. I’ve always wanted to create a podcast but for now, I have no immediate plans for one.

It was really cool getting to know the inner workings of your channel, keep up the great work! You can catch Derek on YouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram and support him on Patreon.

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